About Us

Under the supervision of the President, the Office of Administrative Affairs of National Taiwan Normal University is responsible for the secretarial tasks, university meetings, control and evaluation, official documents, and document stamping (with official seal) related affairs. Furthermore, construction inspection, gender equity, public affairs, institutional research, the promotion and practice of sustainable development all fall within the Office’s scope of responsibilities. All of the Office’s duties and responsibilities are carried out by Divisions 1, 2, and 3, Center of Public Affairs, Center of Sustainable Development, and Institutional Research Office, which are headed by a secretary general. Each division, center and office is led by a respective division head or director, and is staffed by a number of secretaries and staff members. The divisions and centers of the Office of Administrative Affairs are located on both the 1st to 3rd floors of the Administration Building and on the 9th to 10th floors of the General Building.

Main duties

  1. Secretarial work for the President and Executive Vice Presidents
  2. Calling university-level meetings and Academic and Administrative Directors Committee meetings
  3. Control and evaluation of university related affairs
  4. Promotion of gender equity
  5. Official documents related affairs
  6. Public affairs
  7. Institutional research