Items Name Date Preview Download
1 NTNU University Council Rules 2022-11-25
2 NTNU Administrative Council Rules 2022-11-25
3 Establishment Regulations for the NTNU Endowment Fund Committee 2022-11-25
4 Enforcement Guidelines for Gender Equality Education at NTNU 2022-11-25
5 Establishment Guidelines for the NTNU Gender Equality Education Committee 2022-11-25
6 NTNU Regulations on the Prevention and Handling of Gender Discrimination, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Bullying 2022-11-25
7 Establishment Guidelines for the NTNU Office of Institutional Research 2022-11-25
8 Guidelines for NTNU Public Disclosure of Institutional Information 2022-11-25
9 Guidelines for NTNU Management of Donation, Income, and Expenditure 2022-11-25